Show Your Colors

This Back rest support slips onto the existing Bolt pattern of Harley Davidson FXST models  or any similar fender bolt pattern to provide a mount for a back rest for the motorcycle DRIVER without any modification to the seat or frame of most Harleys.   The positioning grooving allows complete flexibility of positioning of the back rest for maximum comfort.  Removal and installation require simply loosening of the fender bolts and slipping the unit on or off the bike.  It is as simple as that.   For those longer trips or people desiring a back support without modification of seat or frame in mind, this is the ticket.  It allows the installation of a standard 1/2" rod or tube back rest to be slipped in or out at will.  It just doesn't get any easier or better than this.  The units come in polished stainless steel uppers and lowers (like chrome but no chipping), Polished Stainless lowers with black high impact powder coat uppers, or all black high impact powder coat lowers and uppers, your choice.  No longer do you need to by a monster $700 seat to get a puny little built in back rest or make special modifications to your bike.  Just clip them on, drop in a back rest and you are ready for the road in true back support comfort for you, the driver.  YOUR COMFORT OVER MILES AND MILES OF RIDING WILL CHANGE DRAMATICALLY!!   With slight re-grooving of the units bottom groove pattern it is adaptable to almost any motorcycle that has a frame bolting down   the rear fender.  A modification most can do in their garage in 30 minutes or your dealer can do for you in his shop.  Made for Harley soft tails but adaptable to almost anything on 2 wheels!!!   Get yours today and say goodbye to hunching over the bars and a sore back and arms!!

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